Gifts To The Library

Thank you for considering an investment in the MidPointe Library System! Donating to the Library is a wonderful way to support your community, recognize an achievement, or honor the memory of a loved one.



If you are interested in directing your gift to a specific Library fund, please refer to the descriptions below for more information.

Education Fund

Your gift to the Education Fund will aid our staff by furthering their professional development. Monitored by the Board of Library Trustees by a well-defined policy, funding for this account comes entirely from private contributions.

Memorial Fund (Art Collection)

This fund was established to purchase or commission pieces of art, and to acquire other objects, including rare books. Funding for this account comes entirely from donations.

Douglas J. Bean Progress Fund

In the spirit of library philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the MidPointe Library System Board of Trustees created this fund in December 2004. Those who want to see their gift invested in the long term health and growth of this library system can donate to this endowment-type fund reserved for future capital improvements.

Special Project and Planned Gifts

To find out more about making a planned gift that honors a loved one in perpetuity, or to discuss an idea regarding a designated gift for a special project, please contact the Library Director at (513) 424-0659.

Unrestricted (General Fund)

Your unrestricted gift will be used to support the many diverse efforts, projects and goals of the Library.

Lisa Nerenberg Collection (General Fund)

The Lisa Nerenberg Collection was established in 1963 by Robert and Carolyn Nerenberg in memory of their daughter, Lisa. Donations to this collection are applied to the acquisition of picture book selections for the Youth Services Department.

Summer Reading Program (General Fund)

A gift with this designation will grow MidPointe’s popular yearly Summer Reading Program.

Gifts in Memory or Honor (General Fund)

Contributions, in memory or honor of a loved one or special event, are used for the acquisition of library materials. If you would like, a bookplate can be affixed to selected items, acknowledging both the name of the person honored and the donor.